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October 2016

Everyone has their own beliefs and myths on how snooker should be played but I think massive attack from the very start of game leads to ultimate success in snooker qq288. Break building is the key to become exceptional player in cue sports. Break building is being able to clear all the balls from table.

When you strive for game from very beginning it help you exert pressure on opponent. You take control in your hand thus leaving opponent helpless by restraining his chances of scoring and try to play in best Malaysia casinos. It will shatter the confidence of other player now it’s up to you how you take advantage of this situation.

  • Need to be consistent in break building

It’s not enough to know only break building but you need to expert this technique under pressure too

Guides in Online Snooker Betting and the Odds of winning

Guides in Online Snooker Betting and the Odds of winning

Guides in Online Snooker Betting  and the Odds of winning help you to master the game

  • You can move cue ball at positions of your own desire
  • You become master in playing cannons and kisses
  • You are able to end colors and frames with no trouble
  • You are at the position which can bear new experimenting moves with balls
  • Splitting of pack is not a big deal for you now

Protracted procedure explained

I have explained the protracted procedure of taking shot in order to tell how perfects shots are taken and use in online gambling. It has following steps;

  • Size of wrap

Use larger wrap for large hands and shorter wrap for short hands.

  • Avoid leather wrap if

If your hands sweat, avoid using leather wrap.

  • Diameter of shaft

Use shaft with diameter 13mm neither bigger than it nor smaller. Both of them will trouble you. People who have short hands can use shafts of diameters less than 13mm. Cue tips are ranged from hard to medium. Opt cue tip with you are comfortable.

  • Distance between cue and ball

While hitting the cue ball keep distance between cue ball and stick at least 1 inch.

  • Position of cue

Place your cue parallel to the table to have maximum control.

  • Slightly move forward to hit the ball

Strokes taken from short distance does not impart much momentum in ball as compared to strokes taken from longer distance. Gently move cue to ball and hit it softly in precise direction.

  • Watch balls from downside

Having a view of table from this side will give you an exact idea of location of balls and angles of balls and distances between balls.

  • Taking a shot

Whenever, you practice snooker visualize there is a ball placed next to the ball you want to send into pocket.

Make an angle by placing cue above cue ball and target ball to have a straight pattern that target ball should follow after you hit it. Usually only tip of cue is placed from a little distance from the center of ball you visualized while end of cue is placed slightly high from table. Finally, now strike the center of the ball so that it may hit other ball.

  • Practice with left hand off and on

Practice with your left hand too it will make you win more games in future. Because sometimes in snooker awkward angles are there which are difficult to be taken by right hand, this practice will help you there.

  • Take help from tutorials

Watching tutorials from you tube and other video streaming channels will enhance your strategy and you will learn new cue ball actions. Extensive hard work is mandatory. Wish you best of luck!

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